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You love Zippy Reviews. C’mon, admit it. We do it better, review searches, that is, and you know it.

What we can do better, add to the site to make it more useful or your comments on your favorite travel or electronics products would be appreciated feedback. Zippy Reviews is all about making your search fast and easy for hotel reviews, cruise reviews, laptop reviews, LED TV reviews or any travel and consumer electronics product. You want an iPad review? How about a review of the Disney World Contemporary Resort? We will get you your reviews fast and deliver the best reviews because we know where they are hidden on the internet. Do you have a review site to recommend? Let us have it (please).

Sure, we are just in Beta now so need your input to get us to near perfection. Help us out with your comments and we will work to improve Zippy Reviews. However, Zippy’s clothing ensemble is off limits. We like embarrassing the actor.

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