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About Team Zippy! Who, what, why, where?

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Zippy Reviews is a wacky family business. There aren’t a lot of mother/son tech companies around. Dan and Pam were both itching to start something of our own and knew it had to be original, online and fun. As we sit in our home office, a step above a garage start-up in location, Zippy Reviews is far more than the brainstorming process that we initiated a couple years ago.

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What and who did it take to get to this place? An actor, 2 videographers, a sound man, a web designer and his team, a database expert, an expert programmer, a graphic designer (from Madagascar!), a mother/son team, a lot of work, determination, entrepreneurship and learning. We brainstormed and debated ideas until we landed on something that fed our passions and expertise. Pam is the big cheese of travel and Dan is the electronics kingpin.

It was evident to us that there was some synergy between those diverse interests. Reviews! Consumers of travel and electronics use reviews before before a hotel stay, a cruise, a big screen or computer purchase. The *#%@&$% search engines drive us bananas (can we get a hell ya!) with the time necessary to scope the territory by reading hotel reviews, airline reviews, cruise reviews, TV reviews, laptop reviews or digital camera reviews. Which reviews are credible, honest and not planted? Which ones provide the best information? Which review sites have breadth and depth? Which electronics review site or travel review site offers information at the right level of expertise for ME? Bouncing back and forth from a search engine to review sites to read a bunch of questionable reviews is way too time consuming.

Zippy Reviews was created to eliminate all the agony of the review search process. Let us do the work for you and you will get the best reviews fast. Here is Zippy Reviews!

Pam is the vagabond and Dan is the geek, therefore we had to find some synergy between travel and electronics. Review searches are a pain. They aren’t always accurate. They take way too much time to get all the information needed. There is too much information. Use Zippy Reviews for all your travel and consumer electronics reviews. Make Zippy Reviews a habit! It is a great habit to have!